About Us
Pembinaan Mohamed Nazir Meraslam Sdn Bhd is a privately owned Class A Bumiputera contractor company and is 100% committed to delivering quality products and services to satisfy our customers’needs.
Our Vision
To be a leading provider in telecommunication and foundation.
Our Mission
Delivering innovation and solution timely and exceeding clients' expectation.
Our Goal Objective
Providing customer satisfaction efficiently and effectively is our prime objective. We are committed to achieving growth through qualified, experienced and skilled workforce with advance equipment and and facilities combined with the pursuit of new business opportunities to further enhance customer loyalty and retention.
CIDB Category
Grade 7 - Building
B02 (IBS: Sistem kerangka keluli)
B04 (Kerja-kerja pembinaan bangunan)
B12 (Kerja pemasangan kaca)
B13 (Pemasangan jubin)
B14 (Kerja-kerja cat)
B24 (Kerja penyenggaraan bangunan)
Grade 7 - Civil Engineering
CE01 (Pembinaan jalan dan pavemen)
CE02 (Pembinaan Jambatan dan jeti)
CE03 (Struktur merin)
CE10 (Kerja cerucuk)
CE21 (Pembinaan kejuruteraan awam)
CE36 (Kerja-kerja tanah)
Grade 7 - Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
E07 (Sistem telekomunikasi dalaman)
E08 (Sistem telekomunikasi luaran)
M15 (Kelengkapan mekanikal pelbagai)